Multimedia artist Polina Limyè has been researching the theme of forest for many years. The forest as an ecosystem, a metaphor, a place where everything grows by itself and stretches vertically. Quoting Dante, "having gone through half of my earthly life, I found myself in a gloomy forest," the forest as a circumstance through which the hero must necessarily go through in order to change. Through her work, the artist provides the viewer with a new space for thinking about environmental issues with the help of new media.

The total installation ARBARO ("forest" in Esperanto) addresses the theme of the future of nature, commenting on how often we observe wildlife through various devices. The installation in the gallery's corner room is a reference to the Voynich manuscript, an illustrated 15th-century codex written by an unknown author in an unknown language using an unknown alphabet. Of the 300 plants described in the book, only about 30 actually exist. Video content for the project is using the textures and shapes of the living plants through distortion, as if the artist had never seen them live and was trying to understand what they were like, how they grew, what influenced them.