Maria Moschenskaya
Artist and interdisciplinary researcher in the field of Art & Science. She is a member of the BioArt Lab research laboratory at the Art & Science Center of ITMO University. Her main research focus is Plant Studies. She has participated in international programs, festivals, and exhibitions dedicated to art and science. She was nominated for the ASTA Award in Young Scientific and Technological Art in the Bioart category and for the Sergey Kuryokhin Award in 2022 in the Science Art Project category.

Interdisciplinary artist, director, and multimedia designer. She works with space, movement, and media technologies, creating video installations, video art, and experimental films.

Elina Zazulya
Using computer graphics, video, sound, neural networks, and immersive technologies, she creates abstract audiovisual landscapes, focusing on processes and themes such as transformation, mutation, variability, and corporeality.