Andre Svibovich
Chief Artist and Co-founder of SPLACES.STUDIO.
Andre is an audiovisual artist working in the field of technological art. His work focuses on exploring the impact of sound, light, and audiovisual effects on humans in both psychophysiological and artistic contexts. His installations and performances have been showcased at independent venues and state museums such as the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, the Russian Museum, the Street Art Museum, among others. Winner of the SKIF nomination at the Sergey Kuryokhin Award in 2023.

Young art & science studio that works with nature-driven technologies. Our focus lies in creating unique interactive sculptures that engage with both nature and humans. Splaces strives to foster positive environmental transformations based on scientific research and new artistic mediums. We believe that the creation of interactive objects that integrate light, sound, kinetics, and living elements can form new pathways between people, forces of nature and technologies.