12.06 — 11.08

The Evolution exhibition presents new works created by Russian media artists as part of the competition organised by the Zifergauz digital art gallery. Projects dedicated to the theme 'Living Matter' are united in an exhibition route that offers visitors a journey from the past to the future.

Evolution explores life on Earth, highlighting the transformative interplay between nature, humanity and technological innovation. The unifying idea of all the works is that neither nature, nor technology, nor humanity exist in isolation: they are all part of an ongoing dialogue that shapes the evolution of each element.

The route through the exhibition consists of seven installations that explore the relationship between man, nature and technology. The journey begins with an image of the origin of life on Earth and ends with the symbiosis between man and nature that will be possible in the future as a result of technological development. At the centre of the exhibition is the digital Sun, which provides a glimpse of processes hidden from the human eye. Projects in the side galleries explore our planet as an ecosystem of living beings. Plants, fish and rocks become the protagonists of these art projects, reminding us of the need to maintain a delicate balance between man and nature.

The exhibition reminds us that humans do not exist in isolation from the rest of the world and invites us to reflect on our place in the history of evolution, which spans billions of years and countless forms of life.

Khristina Ots, curator