SYNTHESIS is a collective exhibition of finalists of a competition among Russian media artists held by Zifergauz throughout 2022. The project gave young talented authors an opportunity to express themselves and bring their ideas to life using cutting-edge technologies and the gallery's equipment. Out of almost 100 artists who submitted applications for the competition, the international expert council chose six winners whose works made their way into the final exhibition.

The gallery's competition revealed that aspiring artists tackle boldly the topic of human interaction with nature, reflect on art in the era of high-speed dissemination of information and experiment with the synthesis of physical objects and media technologies.

The gallery space is divided into rooms dedicated to each finalist: the interconnections of various life forms by Anastasia Konyukhova, the recreated forest by Polina Limier, a fascinating view of the world by Artem Moroz, the movement of light by Viktor Polyakov, augmented reality by Kirill Rave and light-colored landscapes by Vasilissa Savrasova.